The Largest in the World, SMP Skatepark

With its impressive 44,936 never-ending amount square footage, SMP skatepark should be something from a a skaters dream. If only wish it wasn’t located halfway around the globe in Shanghai, China. I choose this article because it gives you an inside look at one of the most creative and progressive skateparks in the world. The article isn’t terribly long, but it includes two great pictures and two videos. One of them is kind of virtual tour park from ground level by Professional skater Andy MacDonald. He is actually shooting the footage of the skatepark while on his skateboard, so it makes it even easier picture yourself as if you were actually there. The other video is a DC skate team demo that was held on the street course area of the park. The article is from a skateboard magazine’s website called Skateboarding Magazine that has been a long a long running, skater driven publication. I have looked through my fair share or magazines and they never fail to disappoint, with their interesting interviews of up and coming pro skaters and looks at some of the best skate spots in local areas. The article was an easy pick for my blog because it’s about a skatepark that every skater wishes to skate atleast once in his life and is a recent and substantial addition to the growing skateboarding culture around the world. I invite you to look at both videos and enjoy this unique inside look at the worlds largest skatepark.


Link to article:




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