A New Park for Colorado Skaters!

A new skate park has just opened in Arvada, Colorado right off of 72nd avenue. The park is the newest addition to the Apex Recreation Center who wanted to build a large scale free community park to give local skaters another park option. The park is actually one of the largest in its area, with Denver skate park being similar in size. Like many other Colorado skate parks, this one is also mainly concrete. The park covers 40,000 plus square feet and has many vert and street features including in-ground bowls, a snake run, a couple stair sets, and many boxes and rails to grind. Team Pain, a respectable skate park design/building company from Florida, was the creative force behind both the design and building of this skate park. Since the parks recent opening in 2012, I have only been able to visit the park once myself. From just my one visit I saw a lot of enthusiasm from the locals about the park and not only from just skateboarders but from bikers and rollerbladers as well. So, no matter what you medium of cruising around is, I highly suggest your visit the Apex Skate Park. Feel free to check out the links to both the article, a video tour, and lots of pictures!


Link to article: http://arvada.org/about-arvada/arvada-skate-park-now-open/

Link to Video and Pictures: http://pushwood.com/locations/3263-arvada-skatepark-apex-center


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